What to do

What to do

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Maybe there is no better way to discover Battambang countryside than taking a tuk tuk tour.

Trekking around Kep
Kep is beach town in Cambodia where known for its relaxed tropical atmosphere, excellent seafood and its oceanfront crab market. Trekking around Kep is popular activity to explore the beauty of this province.

Walking around Kampong Thom
Kampong Thom is a picturesque town on the banks of the Stung Saen River. Walking around Kampong Thom is the great way to explore this province.

Riding Bamboo Trains in Cambodia
Bamboo trains (also known as "norry") consist of a wooden frame, bamboo decking, an engine and wheels that come from a bust-up wartime tank. Riding the bamboo train in Battambang maybe is one of the most exciting things to do in Cambodia.

Flying over Angkor Wat by Air Balloon
Admire the beauty of Angkor Wat by air balloon and return to the town in the late afternoon is an amazing experience when travelling Cambodia.

Adventure Travel In Cambodia
Cambodia is filled with historic temples, tropical countryside and lively cities, including Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. You can take a traditional trip in Cambodia, or you can get a closer-up experience on a variety of adventure tours.

Diving maybe is the most exciting experience when you visit Cambodia. >>Travel Angkor Wat by Helicopter >>Angkor Elephant Rides Diving in Cambodia Located in the heart of Southeast...

Travel Angkor Wat by Helicopter
This helicopter tour will show you the enormous scale of the world-famous heritage site, Angkor Wat. >>Angkor Elephant Rides >>Prasat Preah Vihear Description Hovering in the skies above Angkor...

Bayon Temple Elephants
Overview of Elephant Rides in Angkor Wat As you take your journey, you will understand how the elephant has been so important in the creation...

National Museum of Cambodia
Located just north of the Royal Palace, the National Museum of Cambodia is housed in a graceful terracotta structure of traditional design (built 1917–20),...